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11.25.2012 , 03:38 PM | #15
You people really do not get it do you? Adding Deathfield gives you more burst than a standard Deception spec. Period. Run the numbers yourself, any gear level. I'll try and lay it out. For this example, we'll say that Duplicity procs at a good time, and so did chain shock for both rotations.


Recklessness> DF> Discharge> 2x thrash> Shock + Chain shock proc> Maul


2x VS> Recklessness> Shock (with VS buff) + Chain shock proc> Discharge> Maul

Assuming that both rotations get the same number of crits, the 0/27/14 rotation will ALWAYS do more damage than the 2/31/8 rotation. The only time 2/31/8 will pull ahead is if the crit RNG isn't as nice to 0/27/14. Claws of Decay will usually put thrash's damage close enough to VS' damage.

To the guy who conveniently ignored when I said it the first time, I know that shock is a much shorter cd than DF. And I know that after the opening phase, the VS boost to shock will put 2/31/8's sustained damage higher than 0/27/14's. But frankly, if they survive the opening burst phase, then you have failed, because then the enemy healers are going to heal them right back up, and any damage you did is wasted. THE POINT IS TO KILL YOUR ENEMY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, BEFORE THEY CAN BE HEALED UP!

I do not get why people are so against using Deathfield. It gives you a stronger burst phase, and the utility. I could understand skipping over DF's utility IF the boost from VS gave you more damage in return. But it does not. DF gives more utility, and more damage. It's a win- win.

So sure, in regular warzones where both teams are uncoordinated, sure, run 2/31/8, and yes, you will do well with it. But I guarantee that you will never be as efficient against a coordinated enemy team as you would be in 0/27/14.