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It's.... so....long.

Sorry I'm feeling to lazy to read it all, but I'd like to voice that I think Kreia is one of the most interesting/dynamic characters in all of Star Wars. She (and all of KOTOR 2) is just so deep, mind-bewildering, and thought-provoking. Although I don't agree with her morales (at all), I think she's one of the best characters out there.
I would encourage reading it as this isn't even close to the longest of future threads. It's a very good read (coming from the guy who wrote it lol ) Just think how long it took to type it.

And if you thought this was long, just wait until we get to the Great Hyperspace War. We'll have a very long recording by Master Odan-Urr as well as a review of the war and its impact on the galaxy. It's gonna be good.
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