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There are many ways to make madness sorc more viable... they could create procs that increase the damage on Shock via stacks for example; have these go off of periodic damage crits - so each time Affliction or Creeping Terror crit, you get +5 or +10% Shock damage per stack, up to 5 stacks; to affect both the main Shock and the secondary Shock if it procs.

Or they could flat out increase the damage on a few abilities. Honestly, I'd increase the damage on both DoTs by as much as 50%. People cleanse pyro dots don't they? Why is no one concerned with cleansing sorc dots? Because they are not that scary. Increase the damage by 35-50% and you'll bring them closer to the dots other classes have.

And along with dots, increase the damage on DF by 25%. Why? Why not? So it will hit for 6-6.5k and create some burst for what should be the burstiest class in the game, being also the squishiest. There is no way to bring down the cd from 15 seconds and it only hits 3 targets. And even if you increased the damage by 25% it would still hit for less than Smash, on 2 less targets. I don't see why this could not be done and the sorcs given some burst.
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