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As I watch the Clone Wars Series, Padme is the same as always. She cares so much and wishes peace for everyone. She loves everyone and is willing to do everything to create peace for the war, however is she that innocent?

I mean the woman knew Anakin killed Tusken raiders and their children and she kept quiet. Not only that but she falls in love with the killer and marries him. Marries him when she knew Jedi were supposed to not get married going against an Jedi Order's rule. She lies about their marriage the whole time and never tells anyone about their marriage. She didn't even answer Obi when he questioned her that the baby was Anakin's.
But yet, the Clone Wars series leads us to believe she is the perpetual tree hugger and lover of all mankind.... other than the tuskan raiders because of course they were bad savage animals along with the children.
Padme was also easily manipulated by Palpatine and is associated with the Fall of the Republic and the Reign of the Sith.

Innocent? Despite the lies and the knowledge of a killer.
The Righteous peace lover who was just so in love she was willing to forego her lover's obvious flaws?
  • Lets see....Anakin had his mother tortured for a month and probably *****, he got angry and killed them all. A bad thign yes...but it's not like he got bored and decided to kill a camp of Tuskens...
  • Padme friend-zoned Anakin for most of Ep II until she was about to die, after that moment Anakin persuaded her into marriage.
  • Why wouldn't Padme lie about being with Anakin? He'd get thrown out of Order and just complicate things for herself as well.
  • Super obvous body-language told Obi-wan that the child was Anakin's in Ep III and Obi-wan had a feeling that Anakin was the father anyway if you watched Ep III closer.

And you are acting like the Tuskins were good people...

Yup, she is some form of racism ever thogh her uncle was Rodian... \

I hated her "oh lets try to be peaceful" characteristics, but your description is a tad flawed and limited.