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Ah Padme... My good friend and I have had several convos about her... Our conclusion usually comes down to her being dense and a tease. Mostly the second thing.
She knows how little orphan Ani feels about her, yet one she dances the line between 'no we shouldn't' to playful flirting. I suppose that happens alot in real life, but she outta know the Jedi code and have asked Yoda or Mace for another bodyguard to avoid all the trouble to begin with.
As for the Sand People slaughter... I could go either way with that. She looks shocked by it but she also understands how upset little orphan Ani was. Since in Star Wars the Sand People are views as 'savage beasts', I suppose the folks on Tatooine probably would have hailed Ani as a hero. Of coarse, they are sentient beings despite thier warrior society so its still murder.
Actually, the whole thing with "the jedi betrayed the republic" is where I facepalmed. Of coarse, why Obi didn't bring proof that little orphan Ani killed all those people when confronting Padme is beyond me. Still, she's concerned about the fate of the republic with her 'sepertist talk' but then believes the jedi turned on the republic by trying to kill Palpy.
Eh... I don't know. Maybe thier 'love' wasn't bad writing... And just the SW version of Misery with less kidnapping and broken bones. All that time with little orphan Ani on Naboo caused Padme to develop Stockholm Syndrome. It's the only way I can choke down the 'devoted love.'
But innocent... Probably. I think she loves the ideals of the republic, whether manipulated or not behind the scenes. However, I think her 'love' for Ani made her to dense to see how insane he was becoming.
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