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This atitude just blows my mind. Am I to understand that he is not suposed to play normals at all, unless solo que? The only reason people que in a group is because this way they minimize the number of pugs they get in their wz, thus reducing the number of morons by up to a whopping 3. I really do not understand this naive view that fully geared people who run in premades are out there to ruin it for everyone. He has free time, he can't que for rwz due to not having the people online but he wants to play some warzones so he choses to spend HIS free time by doing normals. Who are you to dictate how he (or anyone who runs a premade, for that matter) should spend his freetime?

Get a group together, or join a guild, go on ts/vent/skype/whatever, get better. Gear plays a part, but you can grind it. I'm sure that most of the pugs that get stomped in recruit will get stomped in aug optimized WH.

Losing respect because he ques in a group, such a silly and immature point of view...
Aeem no mate. I don't expect him to que solo or anything like that. If you have friends you should que with them. But then you have a diference from playing with 1,2 friends to form FULL PREMADES with tanks, healers and everything and going and stomping on pugs...
I am not dictating how he should do ANYTHING, i just said i lost the respect i had for him. I got back to this game a month or so back and started by going to TOFN forums and finding his chanel... Then i notice him in premades stomping with premades over undergeared (well mostly) pugs... Yes its his free time, he can do whatever he feels like... Things is if his FUN means griving other people that end up having no fun and no chanse of winning... Well that is not something nice now is it? Just like he has the right to play how he feels like i have the right to feel about him as i feel like.

Again big diference from playing with friends to forming full premades and going stomping on pugs... That is not PVP and that is not real fun, real fun don't come from you feeling good at the expense of grieving mothers. But of course i can't change his caracter or anything of the like. I also don't expect him to stop doing this... I just posted my oppinion on what he is doing.

Oh and i am immature? You should read your post again and see how you where rude to me and think again who is immature.