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As others have said, the game isn't marketed towards server first types. This isn't WoW. You don't get an achievment for doing every little thing. I know it must be so hard for most of you WoW players to come over here and not have that little soundbyte and the explosion of fireworks on your screen and that little gold icon come up saying "You have earned <insert inane object here> achievement".

For those of you who spacebar'd your way to 25 just to get the first kill on some world boss. I hope you enjoyed rushing forward, not enjoying your story. Also, a few quests I got bored and spacebar'd my way through them, and they changed the course of the quest drastically. (For example on Dromund Kaas, there's a quest line where if you dont answer the questions correctly, the guy goes and makes you kill mobs as penance. If you answer the questions correctly, you save time, but in order to answer them correctly you have to pay attention to the dialogue)

I honestly am so glad Bioware did not put a similar system that WoW did in their game to reward achievments. I'm also glad Bioware has no server forums as well. They both foster nothing more then arguments and e-peen stroking.

TLDR: Noone cares about your server firsts. I promise you, it is not a "mark of quality" for your guild; it's a mark of pretentiousness.
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