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My alt just reached 50 the other day, and I wanted to progress him vs hust handing him a stack of legacy gear. Call me silly but I enjoy having loot drop I actually can need on. I was vote kicked on last boss on directive 7 today for asking to kill the boss prior. Not to mention all the lovely noob bashing I was getting for working on my rotation, so glad I wasted 40 minutes just to get kicked, has everyone forgot what it was like to be a fresh 50?
Then you are one among the many that gets in the way of this stupid behaviour of "elitists" only chasing comms.

I am sorry you had a bad experience, hopefully the next one will be less painful. Remember to report EVERY insult or harrassment they might pull off, that kind of behaviour does not belong in this game.

I wish good luck with your next teams, hopefully they are more decent players and understand