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Anyway I got about 1500 cartel coins left after buying some things. What am I supposed to buy with them exactly? I dont have a ship or house to decorate so I dont see much point in buying any decorative items. There are no clothing slots (appearance or whatever they are called in other games) so I dont see point in buying more clothes. I dont need unlocks since I got subscription. Pets? Lotteryboxes? I guess I will save the coins in case I need them later.
I bought a Pathfinder gear set for one of my alts, and extra account-wide inventory modules & cargo bays. Have about 1,000 left over after this month's stipend. My wife bought inventory modules and cargo bays, pets (she collects them) and Cartel Packs for a chance at more pets & mounts. There are plenty of things in both the game and the Cartel Shop that appeal to many, just not all. Such is life.
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