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"I was cast out, stripped of my power... exiled."- Kreia

This topic was requested by Beniboybling, resident Trayanite, so I thought I would go ahead and do it.

Much of Kreia's backstory is clouded, but we shall begin our story with Kreia standing as a Jedi Historian and teacher to many students. Kreia's eyesight dulled over the years, as she focused on meditating on the galaxy's great mysteries, eventually losing her eyesight.

She taught many students, to whom she posed many difficult questions regarding their beliefs. Her students were mystified by her questions and could not provide the answers she sought. One of her students, a young Jedi who would come to be known as Revan, sought her teachings out, as well as those of the other masters, but would return to her to discuss the Jedi Council's inaction during the Mandalorian Wars.

After their discussion, Revan openly defied the Jedi Council and went to war. After the war, Jedi Master Atris and the Jedi Council believed her teachings were to blame for Revan going to war, so she was exiled. She left the Jedi Order and began to retrace her steps, eventually coming upon Darth Revan's Sith Academy on Malachor V.

Walking the surface of Malachor V, she was confronted by Sith Assassins. Expecting a fight, Kreia was caught off-guard when they provided her with Sith Artifacts and old Sith teachings. From the Sith Sorcerors within the Academy, Kreia learned of the belief in the Insidious Force, a belief stating that the Force used and betrayed Force-sensitives to maintain a so-called balance. Kreia also learned of the movements of the Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions, leading her to believe that Revan did not fall to the Dark Side, but that he was merely doing what was best to save the galaxy. It was at this time that Kreia abandoned the Jedi way and became known as Darth Traya, Lord of Betrayals.

As Revan's former master, the Sith pledged their loyalty to her without question, and she began to re-establish the old Trayus Academy on Malachor. The Dark Lady of the Sith began to seek out wounds in the Force, and came upon Sion and Nihilus. These two powerful Sith Lords would serve her purposes well. The two Sith Lords were intent on rebuilding the Sith and were dubbed Darth Sion, Lord of Pain, and Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger. Together, they formed the greatest threat to the galaxy, greater than that of Revan's Sith Empire, the Sith Triumvirate.

As the Dark Lady of the Sith, Traya taught Sion to harness the Dark Side to become nearly immortal, and taught Nihilus to overcome and control his never-ending hunger. But an alliance forged by hatred is a fragile alliance at best. When her students had learned all they needed to learn from her, they confronted her at the Trayus Core. Darth Nihilus severed her connection to the Force before Sion greatly injured her. She had been cast out, stripped of her power, and exiled. The Lord of Betrayal had been betrayed and was witness to the title of Dark Lord of the Sith being taken up by Darth Nihilus.

Retaking the name of Kreia, she became witness to her students waging an assassination campaign against the Jedi Order. This played right in to her hands as she watched her betrayers get cut down, the greatest instance taking place at Katarr when Nihilus single handedly desolated the planet, killing all things on the planet save one: Visas Marr.

Maintaining stealth, Kreia sought out her former student, Meetra Surik, in order to use her to complete her master plan. Meetra Surik had become a wound in the Force after cutting herself off from the Force after Malachor and would serve as the perfect tool for Kreia to accomplish her plan.

Jedi Master Atris arranged for Meetra to return to the galaxy and make it known to the Sith. But an HK-50 assassin droid found her first on the Republic cruiser, Harbinger. The droid drugged her, intending to collect a bounty on her head, but Kreia arrived and took her and the droid to the Ebon Hawk. They had barely escaped from a Sith ambush led by Darth Sion, in which he took control of the Harbinger.

They escaped to the Peragus mining facility where Kreia reached out to Surik to shake her from her unconscious stupor, immediately forming a Force Bond. Upon seeing Sion arrive on board the Harbinger, Kreia confronted her former student and it cost her a hand. Through their Force Bond, Surik immediately felt the same pain that Kreia felt. Bound together by death, Surik was forced to keep Kreia at her side. Pushing past the pain, Kreia, Surik, the astromech droid T3-M4 and Atton Rand escaped from Peragus II aboard the Ebon Hawk.

On the Ebon Hawk, Kreia taught Meetra the nature of Force bonds as well as other mysteries of the Force. During their travels, Meetra encountered and enlisted the aid of several companions. It was at this point that Kreia realized that she could use Meetra Surik's ability to creat Force Bonds and Nihilus' damaged condition to bring her plans to fruition.

While many of the companions were wary of her, Kreia used her powers to manipulate them into doing her bidding. On Telos, she invaded Atton Rands mind and used his dark secrets to blackmail him into staying with Meetra. After which, Kreia, Meetra, the Zabrak engineer Beo-Dur, Atton, and T3-M4 left Telos with information on the last Jedi in hand. Before departing, Atris sent one of her Handmaidens to accompany Surik on her quest.

While on Nar Shaddaa, Kreia bound the Wookiee bounty hunter Hanharr to a life debt and sent him to Malachor V, promising that if he survived the Darkness of Malachor and if he killed one of Meetra's companions, a bounty hunter named Mira, then he would be released from the life debt owed to the old woman.

Once Meetra found Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell on Nar Shaddaa and convinced him to go to Dantooine, the crew of the Ebon Hawk left for Onderon. The planet was surrounded by a blockade of Onderonian ships and the Ebon Hawk was forced to land on Dxun. Here they encountered a former servant of Revan, now the new Mandalore, Canderous Ordo. Mandalore gave Surik and company the path to Onderon, but before they could leave, Kreia manipulated Mandalore into protecting Meetra.

Meetra was able to locate Jedi Master Kavar in the palace of Iziz with the aid of Mandalore, but before she could convince him to leave for Dantooine, they were ambushed by Colonel Tobin. Surik was forced to flee back to Dxun and depart for Dantooine. Here Surik defended the settlements from a band of mercenaries led by a former Sith soldier and convinced Jedi Master Vrook to await his fellow Jedi so they could stop the Sith.

Meetra's crew was joined by a former Jedi named Mical, who was called Disciple. Kreia found his mind easy to manipulate, using the Force to shield herself from his sight. Eventually, Mical broke through the shroud of darkness and confronted her, demanding answers about the Sith Lord destroying life in the galaxy as well as her motives. Kreia told him of the Sith Lord and her motives, but made him forget what she told him until the time was right.

Upon their return to Dxun, Kreia sensd the location of a Sith outpost. At her request, Meetra sent three of her allies to assault the outpost while she and Kreia traveled to Iziz. After making it into the palace and defeating General Vaklu, Kreia attempted to convince Surik to kill Vaklu, but Meetra claimed that it was Queen Talia's decision. The Queen commanded her troops to kill Vaklu, ending the war on Onderon.

At this point, Kreia realized that Meetra could become a threat to her plan. She revived Colonel Tobin, who had just been attacked by a Drexl larva, and told him of a Jedi Academy with many Jedi located on Telos. Tobin raced to Nihilus' ship, the Ravager, to tell him of this news.

After speaking with Kavar, Kriea told Surik to go to Dantooine to meet with the Jedi Masters. After Surik learned from the Masters that she had instinctively cut herself off from the Force, the Masters decided that it was best to strip her of the Force. They believed that she could lure the Sith to them. But Kreia disagreed. She used her ability to Sever connections in the Force, combined with the Force Drain ability to kill the three Jedi. She was then taken to Atris' academy by the Handmaiden, where she told Atris that the Sith Holocrons had turned her to the Dark Side without her knowing it. Atris then embraced the Dark Side, but was quickly defeated by Surik.

Kreia then took up the mantle of Dark Lady of the Sith and returned to Malachor V, while the shadow came upon Telos. On Malachor, Traya planned on sacrificing herself to opne up a greater wound in the Force to destroy it. But instead, she elected to wait for Surik to return to Malachor for a final confrontation and the answers she sought.

After Meetra confronted and defeated Darth Nihilus over Telos, she left for Malachor and entered the Trayus Academy. Within the walls of the academy, she cut through an army of Sith and bested Sion in battle. After redeeming Sion, she entered the Trayus Core for the final confrontation.

The final battle between Master and Apprentice began as the two battled at the heart of Malachor V. But Traya was defeated when Surik cut her remaining hand off as well as severing her connection to the Force. Traya commanded Surik to kill her, but was refused yet again. Angered, Traya summoned three Lightsabers telekinetically, but was unable to sustain them for long.

Broken and defeated, Traya offered her greatest student one last gift: the complete and utter truth. She told Surik of her plan to destroy the Force, by exploiting Surik's ability to create Force bonds as well as her being a wound in the Force, to create never-ending echoes that would travel across the galaxy and defean it to the Force. She also used her ability to see shatterpoints, combined with the power of Malachor V, to predict the future with profound accuracy. She foretold the death of the Republic millenia later, and the death of Jango Fett at the hands of Mace Windu. She even traced the shatterpoints of Suriks allies to their ultimate conclusions, telling the tales of her allies.

Traya laid her life out, her feelings, for Surik to see. And after everything they had been through, Traya died in peace, surrendering herself to that which she despised: the Force. The Lord of Betrayals was dead, her body destroyed when the Mass Shadow Generator was detonated.

When Surik severed Traya's connection to the Force, she had also severed their bond. When Traya died, the Force was allowed to heal, but never to fully recover from the events that had transpired.

Kreia's life is a tragic life, filled with betrayals and lies. She was powerful, wise, and manipulative.

Kreia was incredibly powerful with the Force, with several rare abilities at her command. She was able to use a minor variant of Sever Force, Force Drain and Shatterpoint. She was also a master of Dark Healing, a power she displayed to kill several Sith Assassins on Malachor V. One of the most powerful Sith of her day.

But her forte was not with the Force, but her ability to manipulate others. She manipulated events as she saw fit, using her ability to turn allies against each other, or turn enemies into allies. She could trick others into doing what she wanted, but making them believe that it was their thoughts.

While she was wise in the Force and the behavior of others, her teachings set her apart. She had attempted to find a middle ground between Light and Dark, but the whole time she was Sith. She had attempted to teach others to not rely on the Force so much. She despised her students, Nihilus and Sion, for having to rely on the Force, but praised Meetra Surik for being able to walk away from the Force. But in the end, she had become reliant on the Force. She claimed that she used it in order to find a way to kill it, but mused that that could have been just an excuse by a frail old woman.

Wise, powerful, manipulative. Kreia is remembered for nearly destroying the Force.

Our look at Kreia has ended.

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