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Quote: Originally Posted by chaosmadness View Post
ahaha, L2P dude ?!? What chance have a random pug in normal warzones to win a premade in full WH gear ? I told u, 0% ! Its impossible. You have fun in that ?

I bet all of u go in premades to normal warzones killing the recruit gear players with ur full WH friends.
What a heroes... And Coral, "fu" all, i saw premades of Coral in normal warzones today, if u are all pro gamers go for Ranked instead or are u afraid? Ofc u are all pro gamers with ur all WH stuff winning normal warzones against recruit gear players...

Pro pvp gamers, lol...
You serious?
I am the only one so far to give a decent answer and you decide to throw it away without looking at it?
Someone give this guy a TOFN ban plz
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