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I find some of the light side points to be worse than the dark side. For example on False Emperor I can kill the guy or make him sabotage his whole fleet, killing thousands. To me:
-Killing a traitor would be light side.
-Making a guy kill thousands to save his own skin would be dark side.

I killed a lot of soldiers on my way to that guy. Why is one more what makes me evil? And there are lot of these choices I'd like a gray area that doesn't give me light or dark points. Mainly for the reasons of what the OP stated.
Probably because he was surrendering. Are you playing through the Imperial version? Because. in the Republic version at least, he definitely does not seem arrogant in anyway, just scared. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't exactly shooting at you like those other New Imperials you killed along the way.

Additionally, there was one in early Korriban Sith Warrior story where
So, I know what you guys mean.
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