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ahaha, L2P dude ?!? What chance have a random pug in normal warzones to win a premade in full WH gear ? I told u, 0% ! Its impossible. You have fun in that ?

I bet all of u go in premades to normal warzones killing the recruit gear players with ur full WH friends.
What a heroes... And Coral, "fu" all, i saw premades of Coral in normal warzones today, if u are all pro gamers go for Ranked instead or are u afraid? Ofc u are all pro gamers with ur all WH stuff winning normal warzones against recruit gear players...

Pro pvp gamers, lol...
Some pvper you are if you still sit on recruit. By the time I hit 50 I already have warhero mainhand and offhand and BM boots with relics. In 2 days im got rest BM with some WH. Admit it, you are just a slacker.
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