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I play mostly days east coast time between the hours of 7 am and about 5 pm (sorry not a night owl). For the past few months since the server mergers I have been playing solo with an occasional flashpoint or two but what I miss is a group that I can help out where ever people need help (dailys, HK part search. datacrons, etc). I enjoy the social aspect of the game and my weakness are in groups. Currently I have 3 level 50s on the Rep side and 2 level 50s on the Imp side so a cross faction guild would be great I do have a variety of low level toons that I play on occasion.

During the weekends I spend it with my wife and family. My family and friends come before the game. I do plan on playing at least until the summer where I will take a break for a month or two. The guild I was a member of has moved on to other games where I like the Star Wars aspect to much. For 20 years I worked in a field that was all about helping others and I found that I have brought that same mentality into the game. Anyway if you think I would be a fit for your group let me know and I would be more then willing to group with you.

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