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Sorry to say but only Fans of Luke see him as that way , there are atleast a hundred other characters who could be considered main characters .
I look at StarWars like I look at Marvel and DC . Its uncreative , unimaginable people who seems too Fanboyish to have the ability to break past Luke Skywalker , the most predictable Character in any Comic .

So your welcomed to like these Stories that surely always end almost the very same way everytime , I like my stories to be writen by people who are able to have imaginations and be creative .

By the way , where is good old ProfessorWalsh, I know hes a BIG EU LUKE SKYWALKER Fanboy, hope hes doing ok and having a happy Holidays !
It got nothing to do with the topic but hey, blame Lucas, the creator of SW because he's the NO. 1 fanboy of Luke.