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World War Hulk was never beaten, he got to stalemate with the Sentry. World War Hulk is Hulk at his strongest and
most powerful. He practically beat all of the Avengers most of the X-Men.
I know my Hulk, and he is indestructible if he reaches World War Level.

Yeah, this isn't off topic. :P
Heres the thing though , in Marvel no one is unkillable or unbeatable . It just seems that way , but eventually they all get beat .
It happens , it just takes decades of writing .
The only time I ever been upset at a fight in Marvel is when Stryfe vs Cable in the Executioners Song's, but neverless it was a extremely good story.
I wanted Stryfe to win , I wanted him to be the real son of Cyclopes and Jean . I thought it would have been more EPIC if their Real Son was Evil ...........but ohwell. Not too mention because I wanted him to be so , I remember better my friend 10 dollars over it who rubbed it in my face for days and days in school !

I would like to add , good doesn't always beat evil in Marvel either .
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