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Anyone you can name from DC or Marvel has more than a handfull of people who can beat them and possibly kill them at anytime . Writers are held to a Plot Armor that is not without a end and eventually could . Granted there are Fanboys of those worlds as well and often lead to terrible comebacks.
WERs !
Hulk.........seriously ? Guy has lost in the most epic battles that were beyond well writen .


World War Hulk was never beaten, he got to stalemate with the Sentry. World War Hulk is Hulk at his strongest and
most powerful. He practically beat all of the Avengers most of the X-Men.
I know my Hulk, and he is indestructible if he reaches World War Level.

Yeah, this isn't off topic. :P
Hapan: "This creature has information that could lead us to a woman who has been kidnapped. We will get that information."
Luke: "This woman is a citizen of the New Republic, and if you do not take your hands off her, I will take your hands off you."