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Yes it is overused and just plain lazy. I think the problem stems of the fact that before Star Wars books were only "interesting" because of the bloodline. now that Star Wars has gotten popular again, other than fanboys, people are enjoying the new individual characters away from the bloodlines. Jaden Korr, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn, Mara, and the Old republic characters.
I think it is silly that people that are force sensitive can have force sensitive children, this means people can manipulate the Force and if that was the case, yoda should have been having romantic relations with female jedi in order to have more Jedi. But they dont. Why? Because as Timothy Zahn wrote, people with very little force sensitivity are more likely to have Jedi children than Jedi having forceful children. But because authors are lazy and do not want to create a Jedi without the Skywalker name among others, they continue to have characters that are family. For such a large galaxy, the 6 degrees of separation seems more like 2 degrees in a galaxy far far away.

I do hate this. I want to know about other jedi because that is what makes the Star Wars lore interesting.
Not because of a last name. Freaking Inbred Jedi!
I was hoping Ben would be the last of the Skywalker name but oh no.. you have Kol and Cade Skywalker, father and son. Freaking BORING!

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