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What is this all about?.To start with,I'm a subscriber. The character (jed-knight) was created AFTER the last patch(1.5)and originally started as armormech. Soon(around skill 20) I found out this was the wrong craft-profession so I unlearned this and started with synthweaving. As everybody knows there is something like reverse-engineering to obtain the better blue and purple schematics so I started crafting etc. I got my blues and purples but soon realised they simply vanished into thin air when I simply moved from let's say The Republic Fleet to Coruscant. So atm I wear
blue and purple stuff I crafted myself but can no longer make! As a PAYING CUSTOMER this shouldn't be possible. This issue should be known by EA and Bioware(see thread on the Crew Skills forum) because I'm NOT the only one who's facing this GAME-BREAKER. I'm posting it here hoping other players with the same problem massively post on this thread until someone at customer service wakes up and reacts. What is the use of playing (and paying for)
SWTOR when an important part of the game has become totally useless. Because this problem is not mentioned on the last list (november 20th) of "known issues" and should be known (and reproduced) by the developers I can only
conclude they DON'T GIVE A DAMM.