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You want to have atleast 50% shield chance and 50% absorption (w/o shield proc) with around 15%-16% defense chance... Armor rating 8200+. With end-game gear you can push that higher, but the above is about the "level" you want to aim for as a new 50. Make sure you are augmenting your gear for the stat boost.

As far as pugs and CC behavior... In levels like Kaon, dps'ers and healers who refuse to CC anything are the noobs and I would vote kick them. All the other teir I FPs probably don't really need CCs unless you are all in recruit/tionese gear... But it doesn't hurt.

The most important dynamic in tanking is the group understanding kill order. As long as the DPS'ers are taking down the trash first (start with lowest HP and work up), the tank knows how to scoop up the elites and hold the bosses, and the healer doesn't forget he is heals and not DPS, things should work out more times than not.
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