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We might be exactly the guild you're looking for. We are an Imperial PvE guild comprised of 20 something college students, 30 something family men, and even a retired army guy in his 50s. A major portion of our 35 or so characters in the guild are lvl 50 so their is more of a focus on end game FPs and such, but we do have some members/alts that are sub 50.

We don't have a lot of morning activity (6am CST), and afternoons can also be light. However, our guild starts to get active in the evenings and it isn't uncommon to sometimes find 6 online guild members on at 3am CST. So if you are an evening guy who likes PvE and want to join a guild of adult game enthusiasts, we're your guild.

We have a guild bank, Vent, and a guild webpage (mostly for the purpose of organizing guild activities via the calendar). If you are interested you can shoot me an in-game whisper (my sig has my names) or by talking to Sorcero (alt Grimowl) who is our guild leader.
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