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I know, but as I said above, his calcs can't give a reason for BW to remove WP dmg. Just because the calcs are accurate doesn't mean thay're correct.
IMO the reason was to make classic mmo class for the public (in an old school style) , so pure caster.
And it was not about balance.
But some of us don't like it this way , ) The question is, do BW listen to us and makes some steps to fix it or this concept of there is set in stone.

By the way, I made a vid, last night about my low lvl Sage (I have a lvl 50 as well"Chlorianhost", just wanted to roll the quests again , )) Its a one night adventure in Beslasis (footage made by 4 hours game play)
Here you can see, that I use "double strike" in 1:27 but it has no meaning, I did this just for the animation : p
But if you take a look to my fight at 5:13, then it will be clear that when the situation is keen, the melee buff needed even if I wanna use it just for the animation , ) If in that fight (starts at (5:13) I would use just one double strike for fun and lost that 2 sec with it, I fail. So I can't even use it for the animation (RP)