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The problem is not with VS itself. The problem is that what it contributes to the rest of the tree is not enough to make it worth taking over Death Field.

Some guy posted that DF over VS buffed shock is worth it. no, bro no. Maybe it might do overall more damage if it hits more than one target in pvp, however 2k dmg across 3 people is nothing. VS for me crits most targets for 900-1000 per hit, netting ~1800-2k dmg per slash, and buffs the followup shock. Please keep in mind that shock is on a shorter CD than DF. If you run a 0/3x/1x build, you will be taking the 3/3 45% chance to add a second shock. Buffed with reck, 2x vs and shock is a larger single target damage on a single target. Deception is NOT an aoe spec, it is used for specific targeting of characters (healers and target switching). If you are looking at node guarding, deep deception is not the spec for you. If you are looking at 1v1 lolyourenotplayingpvpwarzonesright specs, deception might not be for you. If you are making measured, calculating choices on who you are attacking, and are able to choose wisely, deception is an amazing spec for bursting down specific targets.

Anyone saying that 1x points in madness is better because of DF over a 3x build in deception is the probably the guy running around in BM/Recruit/onepiece of war hero that the rest of us GOOD players like to make into a prison *****.