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Operatives are a bigger pain than Sins on my sniper tbh. You know what else destroys rage/sweep? Tanks/anybody with a taunt that has a brain and knows how to use it. That's a whole other topic though

But as long as people cry about Warriors, it leaves me alone to sit in the corner with my bunker and pop somebody with 4k snipes/ 5k follow-throughs/ 6k ambushes. My burst is higher on my sniper than my fully min/maxed Marauder but hey, I'll take it because I do love my BOOM HEADSHOTS!!!
Ill tell you what is the secret with concealment: they only seem effectve when the rest of their team is incredibly good. They can capitalize only when the rest of your team is busy with their team mates.

Op healers are another story however. This class is incredibly easy to survive with in pvp. No cooldown for 30% free surgical probes is plain broken.
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Scatter Bombs are meant to be a fun bit of extra damage that occurs when you roll into or away from the action. That said, we’re okay with you trapping an unsuspecting enemy for a “wall bang” every now and then.