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11.25.2012 , 03:58 AM | #34
I am also annoyed by this, jumping over crates, walking over ledges, running to get past a droid/group that takes 15 seconds to kill, only to be raged upon if you pull it by sneaking around. I mean come on enough with the lazy behaviour. If you are so worried that something gets pulled kill it. As for bosses they need to be killed period. I don't understand why Bioware did not create a mechanic that requires you to kill all.

A while back i did a Black Talon HM run on a fresh 50 alt, already had a lot of custom gear and 50 mods, but needed more upgrades. The tank didn't want to kill all bosses so we skipped two. I really wanted to kill them as i needed the crafting mat. The tank said he didn't need it, yet when we killed the last boss and the mat dropped there, he needed on it. Have people gone mad?

Seriously this is an MMO, a social game, please stop being selfish.