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11.25.2012 , 03:52 AM | #33
I as a tank can understand the skipping especially now a days.
With the new hk questline alot of people are doing foundry hm, you can skip a boss there and if im there i skip it, why?
Cause if done the place over and over again the last weeks ( useing random gf so cant shut it out wont get my comms) if i can go true it as fast as possible i will do that.

On the otherhand if some 1 needs the drop i always kill the boss then but 90% skips it without a word cause the recruit gear you get for free is alrdy bttr then most drops.

And at icestar [quote]

Remember that flashpoints is a team effort, one cant just run away skipping mobs and one cant solo the heroic boss alone.

im an assassin tank full campaigne dread gear , you have no idea how much i can solo.
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