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I'm always surprised about all this complaining. Every class has a counter one. Sentinels/Marauders and Gunslingers/Snipers deal the most damage because their class is meant to do that. I think people need to learn how to roll play. If one chooses to be a tank they can't pretend to deal much damage but they will have high resistance and CC. In the Knight/Warrior class Focus/Rage spec case it's a matter of choice, once again. We get the super Smash and basically that's it! It's not that Force Scream or Crush deal tons of damage. And as far as melee classes go, realistically speaking, two lightsabers up the *** would hurt a lot don't you think?
This is what PVPers have been doing wrong all along. PvPing instead of RPing. Glad we go that cleared up.
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