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First of all that "loot"" you're after that drops on skippable bosses is WORSE then the FREE recruit set every single 50 gets these days.
I have seen players need and equip things those extra bosses drop several times, they does not always drop blue stuff. Sometimes it is very useful items way better then the recruitarmour they are wearing.

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Anyway on the subject - here's my thought - how about you learn to respect the people who are there to get their daily 5 comms and have outgeared those encounters months ago ? If the majority of the group wants to skip through the conversations and bosses ... then you either go with them or leave ( get kicked ).
Respect works both ways. I always ask in the beginning of instance and trying to set some "ground rules" what will be valid throughout the flashpoint. Do not be surprised that most of the players that lack respect are those "fast runners". Those players can come up with all sorts of insults and bad language without any actual reason. The flashpoint might take 5-10 minute longer then expected due to either one or two extra bosskillings, but some like to start a drama instead ending in getting themselves kicked. To help is always good, to whine less good.

They also do not express in advance that all the cutscenes are to be spacebared through, they simply start screaming "SPACEBAR" sometime in the middle of the flashpoint and is obviously upset about how "noobish" everyone is that cant find a spacebar on a keyboard.

To answer your statement about "learn to respect", I respect all players and I expect the same in return. Luckily the team does not vote out the one asking for a extra bosskill, it is usually the jerk behaving badly that gets the boot.

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If you want to kill everything THAT badly find a group of likeminded people and stop QQing on the forums. You already have the option to kill everything, why should the rest of us NOT have the option to SKIP ?

Are you THAT special ?
Read my original post again and please come back with a more constructive answer. I do not know how to begin to answer what you just wrote.

Remember that flashpoints is a team effort, one cant just run away skipping mobs and one cant solo the heroic boss alone. There needs to be some kind of understanding from the start unless it is going to end with someone getting upset, because they EXPECTED the group to work in a certain way. What I talk about is that the community needs to be aware that some actually thinks that "fast runs" and "boss skipping" are standard nowdays and I would like to point out that in my post.