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11.25.2012 , 01:49 AM | #329
There are plenty of reasons why people left the game. I doubt 15$ monthly fee was anywhere near the most important one for most people.

Having been here since the start I think one of the major ones was that the game was released too early and too buggy. I am guessing that there was some "hard deadline" because no-one with any sense is going to release a mmorpg few days before christmas unless they really have to. The game has become a lot smoother and visually better but there are still some annoying bugs that have been since the launch and I doubt they are going to be fixed any time soon. I'll just mention a few as an example:

- Loading screens. Why do I have to stare that same loading screen for 5-10 seconds every time I alt-tab or change instance. Alt-tabbing is a very common activity in mmorpgs and all your competitors can switch to desktop and back without loading the whole graphics system from the disk/net/wherever.

- Related to alt-tabbing, why does the engine still not honor the desktop refresh-rates. For example, I set my desktop to 60hz (old flatscreen). I set the game to 60hz. I make sure from monitors info that it is running on 60hz. Then I alt-tab from a game to desktop and check the monitors info. Now it shows that refres has changed to 75 hz, which is the maximum of my monitor. Earlier when I had to play with a crt monitor the game took the graphic cards maximum refresh in this situation and showed a black screen since it was way over the monitors capabilities. I have complained about this since the beginning. This game was supposed to run on older hardware, yet if you plug in an old monitor the game gets broken. What is even worse it messes the desktop resolutions permanently and you need some computer tech skills to change them back. Plenty of people used to complain about this in tech support forums. I am sure most have gone away to other games which just work.

I'll better stop now or this becomes full rant

Anyway I got about 1500 cartel coins left after buying some things. What am I supposed to buy with them exactly? I dont have a ship or house to decorate so I dont see much point in buying any decorative items. There are no clothing slots (appearance or whatever they are called in other games) so I dont see point in buying more clothes. I dont need unlocks since I got subscription. Pets? Lotteryboxes? I guess I will save the coins in case I need them later.