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Like I said just want to talk. He said standing up from the bar tossing several more credits down and shouted. Good work tonight barkeep! But I think I'll get sick if I stay here any longer! walking Meanken out the door and over to a nearby alley. He knew whatever Meanken was up too it couldn't be anything major he had pretty much accepted that all sides were going to be playing spy games at this stage in the cold war so he had no problems with spies from any side as long as they weren't posing direct harm to innocents.

I like you so I'll give you a chance. Something is off about you. I can sense it and smell it. You;ve seen blood on your hands for who I don't know. But I know you aren't from here. Tell me who you really are. I'll let you go either way so don't think about fighting I don't want that.Don't tell me and I'll find out and track you down if I have to. Now choose.
Mean figured this jedi diden't know shi* about him, so he could use his agreed apon cover story, which had been made with his......paticuar persnalty in mind "Fine. Was former imperial spec ops. did a lot of clasfyed work for them. eventuly, I met a woman, later married her and retired, tryed to settle down. took up home defence as a job, since my years in spec ops had taught me a lot about that type of thing. milltary wanted me back, I refused. milltary may have sent a few death squads after me. so, me and my wife hauled as* out of imperial space and went to the republic, offered up all I knew in extange for protection. So, here I am, sitting on this planet, safe as hell, but also bored as hell, trying to get used to life as a civ. happy now?"