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Sith Warrior

When I made it I was trying to go off what little I knew of the chiss so chose the more military last name, and used 'Lia as part of the core going off of the whole last sound of the first segment.

Story wise she's never been to the Sith Academy, she left the Ascendancy because she didn't agree with not using her gifts. Liathan took the stance that her force sensitivity was a great boon and she should exploit it rather than simply falling in line with what was traditionally expected. So she ended up leaving and found her way to Nar Shadda where she ended up with the nickname of 'Blue' because she didn't really give her name and not many knew she was a chiss. Just that she was blue so it kind of stuck. She took over and ran a small time gang for several years running under Hutt radar by not growing to big.

Eventually though her gang accidently crossed a Sith's powerbase in a small turf war due to overzealous Sith subjects. Though the Sith Lord that showed up to kill the gangleader was surprised to find it was a Chiss Force Sensitive. Said Sith Lord has a strong fascination with the Chiss people, not to mention she wasn't fond of the kind of Sith the Academy produced so she apprenticed Liathan because she was a Chiss and had never been to the Academy.Wanting to mold her in her own image so to speak.