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Corruck had been looking through many of the records in many different places on Coruscant. Unfortunately it had cost him lots of credits, now he would need to find work, again. He knew of a bar where work was quite often interesting, but possibly dangerous. Especially when bar fights broke out. He knew that there were some other places, but the pay he needed were best gotten in the bars. So after he finished paying the droid for the last taxi drive, he walked into the cantina seeing the usual scenes, which he did not exactly like but was fine as long as nobody forced him to join in. He noticed a Chiss and a Togorian, most interesting he had rarely seen wither of those species. Of course he was not the person that went everywhere and learned many things. He walked to the bar and awaited the bar tender to take a moment to see him. He knew this guy must have his own problems and Corruck did not want to add to those.
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