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Chrigel looked around the room sniffing something had started smelling and feeling off but he couldn't put his finger on it quite yet. It wasn't the Zabrak in the corner she smelled of perfume and fear no it was blood he smelled. That and another odd scent he couldn't quite recognize. Maybe it was some world he hadn't visited he couldn't tell.

Chrigel looked down on Meanken smiling putting an arm around him to keep him still. Someone smells a bit odd in this room. No one quite like a security system salesman yet.. He sniffed close to Meanken. Smells like someone who's seen his fair bit of killing maybe they are a long way from home. He then spoke in a very low whisper. Make a scene in here and I'll rip your shoulder out and beat you with it. Lets walk out the door friends and have a little chat. Thats all I want.