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His gaze didn't phase her, he could smell that she wasn't affected, a rare feat only achieved by few individuals. I will have to watch her indeed. He thought to himself as he watched the Chiss female known as Antaris closes the door behind, a name that he will have to check later, being in special forces once upon a time has taught him a few things. He would need to keep his passcard and datapad close to him at all times. He took out a small device in which would block out all listening devices for a short time. He focuses his gaze onto Senator Harris as he moves closer while taking out his datapad. "I have been requested to bring you this information. The latest intelligence on the Imperial borders and our current deployment." He puts it on the desk in front of the senator. "You will find it interesting, the Empire has slowly build up it's forces on systems close to their border. Reinforcing some planets while taking others not under Republic control, some of them were relinquished by the Republic as per the treaty of Coruscant. The Eighth fleet has two scout flotillas keeping an eye on things as fleets and ground troops are being redeployed." He pauses for a long moment, then continues, "Most of the information is top secret and I can not show you it at this time, nor are you able to make copies, what you see on that datapad is the information I have been allowed to show you. I have also been asked that you keep your demands for restarting the war to a minimal, the Military Command has a plan, but they will not share it with you at this time, but rest assured, there is a plan." A plan that Wolf himself had the honor of partaking in, the very plan in which he has a copy of in his highly encrypted datapad. He then remained silent, gazing at the Senator, he hated politicians.
"You have a plan? I understand the need for secrcy. I will do as your superiors requiere, but it may look strange in public if I suddenly change my outlook on the war completly. people will start asking qustions. I will make it a gradual change. however, I expect to see some evedence of this plan at some point soon. i have the utmost faith in our milltary forces, but I am a practical man, and need to act on actions, not words. you understand?"