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11.25.2012 , 12:27 AM | #14
Why can't marauders use guns? Every other class has range, we should get have has range to. If super OP class like mercs which always kill me cuz tracer missile so OP cant be stopped ever.

Should I should get range too cuz I marauder, and, as melee class I should have ranged. I think if we could use more range like 40m or something on all attacks we would have more fun- and if other class complain lol they can l2p it'd be balanced for us they'd just have to get good and counter like we always have to. omg we should also get a stealth, sorcs get one and they can use lightning which is super OP like palpatine- and even those melee sniper class that have the healing can stealth which is totally stupid cuz it doesn't break stealth when they heal I see it all the time in matches.

I am a marauder. I am very good one too no scrub 2400 rating in 5v5 queues for ten years in WoW in a row but I can never kill anyone in TOR pvp cuz we are so broken we need a buff huge now or everyone will quit the game if you don't do what is best for the players that are marauders like me.