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Sadly, I can't disagree with a lot of this. I still believe in this game and I have faith that things will improve. I don't think it is dying or that it will be going anywhere for a while. I think the biggest problem is EA. Bioware is one of my favorite gaming companies ever and I feel that EA has is basically the Wal-Mart of the gaming industry. Trying to take as much as they can and suck the tree dry.

I have a good community and a good guild but who made the awful decision that if the guild leader goes free 2 play that they lose their guild leadership. This is an awful decision for those who have school or work, family, whatever it may be that wants to take a week, a month or longer to sort things out. It used to be that their subscription could lapse and they just come back. Not a huge deal but now Bioware has made it one. I am still enjoying the game but I am disappointed in what has happened.

I will ask that people stop comparing things to WoW not because I don't see why but because WoW caught a market and caught it in a very unique time frame. WoW was AWFUL in the beginning. It had some of the worst lag and crashes that I have ever seen but they improved and changed. Now, I admit that they are stretching things a bit now but I don't think that something like WoW will ever happen again. It was a fluke and we should look at games based on their individual pros and cons. SWTOR has a lot of both for sure. I just hope that EA doesn't keep trying to suck money from wherever and tries to let Bioware really listen to the players and actually give them a staff to make it happen.
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