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Wolf waited when the door finally open to a small Chiss female. Cold yellow eyes glared down onto her, as if trying to see into her soul, eyes that have seen so much time, eyes that has years of knowledge and experience behind them. Judging from first looks, she seemed harmless and submissive, but something didn't add up. Upon closer look, her posture seems different, artificial and the smell didn't add up either. After years of fighting warriors, traitors, Sith and Imperials, he tends to c\recognize one on the spot, but he couldn't necessary mark her as an Imperial, it's like tracking a prey who's tracks ran cold. It could be nothing, but he still didn't trust her, he doesn't trust anyone, but she was different. Even the smallest of people can prove the deadliest of opponents. He will have to watch out for her, but for now he will play along, like a hunter airing on the side of caution when fallowing a prey..

Finally he spoke in a rough, deep voice. "Colonel Wolf is all that you need to know. I have been ordered to speak with Senator Harris. Privately." He spoke the last word as if giving in order to a fresh recruit inside his own Battalion.
"Well.....I.....I don't know if.....if I can just...." Zero was playing it off as if the stareing was greatly intimdating her, as per her cover

"Let him in, Antaris. give us some privacy"

"Ye....yes sir." she ushered him into harris's office, quickly closing the door behind him

"So, what can I do for our fine men in uniform today?"

Mean turned to the jedi "Me? Names lormali, home securty defence system salesman. more money in it then you may think, paticlary hutt space, where I am not bound by republic regulations and laws"