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11.24.2012 , 11:48 PM | #21
I find it difficult to believe that the posters in this thread declaring the overall viability of DPS-Sorcs in either PVE or PVP actually play the class in either Endgame PVE or PVP.

First, we have an individual who seems to think sustained and diffuse damage (achieved with Aff and FS spam) that allows large total damage numbers at the end of warzones actually amounts to anything productive.

Furthermore, that same person (verfallen) seems to think Sorcs can “unleash powerful AoEs” and therefore its other deficiencies make sense insofar as balance is concerned.

This of course fails to notice that our two principle AoE abilities (DF and FS) are nowhere near the most effective or powerful of such abilities in the game and actually result in a net-decrease in overall DPS if spammed in the manner in which he described.

Sorry, verfallen you demonstrate a poor understanding of the basic mechanics of the class in either a PVP or PVE situation which leads me to question if you have actually played a Sorc in Endgame.

Next, we have a Sentinel player who dabbled with Sorcs and Mercs and seems to think we are perfectly balanced. The degree of inaccuracy and backhanded defense of his own class is so abundantly obvious as to be borderline-baiting.

And those of us who actually play this AC as a DPS class in Endgame see glaring problems.

DPS-Sorcs have been in limbo for some time.
The 1.2 Patch destroyed our PVP bonafides as a DPS class and we have always lacked in burst or mobile DPS in PVE Operations.

BW wants us to be pure Healers, that much is clear at this point.

Their mistake was in giving us an expectation to play as a DPS class.