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Species/Race: Talz
Name: Ruoondryr
Gender: Male
Age: 45 (In Human years)
Facial Appearance: Just like any regular Talz, except he has a scar running from his top left eye
Height: 7'4"
Body type: Muscular
Fur color: Whitish Grey
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Bounty Hunter, Jedi-Hunter
Clothes: No helmet, Gloves, or Boots
Primary Weapon(s): DLT-20A blaster rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): 2 Blaster Pistols, Flame thrower,
other Item(s): Holo-communicator, Carbonite Projector

Background- Ruoondryr was born in a small Talz villiage on Hoth. His father was a Hunter and his mother was a Merchant. They lived a peaceful life until an Imperial battalion seized control of the area and slaughtered most of the villiage. His parents were killed by a Sith with a blue lightsaber. The imperials captured Ruoondryr and forced him into slavery, working for 10 years until his worth was proven when he killed his Overseer with a spear he had been crafting secretly. Although he was originally suppose to be executed, a Darth saw potential in him and freed him form slavery, telling Ruoondryr it was a Jedi who killed his parents, not a sith. So Urnkirk used his hunting and tracking abilities combined with the technology provided by the Darth to become a Freelance Bounty Hunter and Jedi Killer. He now seeks the supposed Jedi who murdered his parents.