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Just because its a PVE server doesn't mean people don't pvp hardcore. That's the biggest misconception made by server elitists. I'm quite sure many of the pvpers on begeren can easily take on the so called pro pvp servers. Don't be ridiculous. Many hardcore pvpers came here, and are still coming, because of the lack of maturity on pvp servers.
ya right, hardcore pvp'ers come here because they can't hack it on pvp servers.... The ONLY reason they come here is because they know they can slaughter the casual pvp'ers... Sorry but any PvP only guild that is on this server is a Joke, you want to be taken seriously then pvp on a PvP Server... You can come up with all the excuses you want but the PvP guilds on a PvE RP server are nothing but a joke... Nobody has any respect for them on this server....
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