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Quote: Originally Posted by Gelious View Post
Enough already. Maras don't have

- knockbacks

- Real stun (except only for droids). Our AOE stun breaks on damage, and if we do Force Choke, we can't do anything else.

- Due to everyone else having knockbacks\Force Push gap closer is almost useless. We use Jump - we got knocked back AND rooted. Awesome.

Leave us alone. If you want to nerf someone, SI is the class you are looking for.
SI? Haha, you're joking right? What's second on your list of classes needing a nerf? Oh, is is DPS mercs maybe, oh yes with their big bad tracer missiles, oooooo so scary! Pew Pew!

Then again- anyone who says force charge is almost useless is clearly one of the worst players in the game. A 15 sec CD, gap closer with an interrupt and immobilize added on top is absolutely amazing, and it builds zero resolve.

Real stun... look- that aoe 'stun' is a mez, how do you know your class so poorly? All mezzes break on damage, that's because it's meant to be a mez- and it is very useful if you know how to use it. Secondly- I hear this whine constantly- and you're wrong. Yes, you cannot do something else while that stun is ticking. That's not the point of it. What you can do is stun someone so an ally can destroy them, stop a healer, use it as yet another interrupt, use it to give your interrupt or force charge CDs a few seconds to come off CD, freeze someone in the fire pit, let a few of your dot ticks go as an anni mara, or you can even use it as a counter to the very things you just whined at- you're rooted by a KB? Force choke. That sorc just hit their speed burst- force choke and bam, they're shut down.

Because you do not know how to use your CC properly doesn't mean it isn't there- the real joke is that you can likely still do well in pvp simply because the class is so powerful you can be incompetent and still excel over other classes.

... also- why would marauders have a KB? It makes sense for a jugg, before you try that one out- because a jugg can use it to knock a mara away from the healer they're guarding. A mara though doesn't protect others, and they don't need to knock people away from them. You're whining you don't have an ability that has very little use for your class- that'd be like a sorc crying about not having an ability that boosts accuracy by 25% for 10 seconds.