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Our guild is not as strict as DocZoloft's guild, as we do allow cursing, especially since everyone in our guild are adults. We joke around with each other, but we maintain that level of respect with one another. If somebody becomes offended, then we are quick to make amends. We have a multiracial guild, although I am unaware of anyone in the guild who interacts sexually with the same sex.

We run Hard Mode TFB, EC and now have a couple groups attempting Nim EC. We PvP and PvE equally. If this seems something you are interested in, contact Wraiven, Naomi or I,P,A in game or refer to our recruit page in the Recruit forums under War-Machine.
To insinuate that because we (TAW) keep a strict policy on profanity and that therefore we aren't adults is patently absurd and here's why. Gamer's are a diverse community that come together for the sole purpose of having a good time with others while engaging in a game. Gamer's, being the diverse cross section of the world that they are means that cursing, profanity, bigotry (including joking) has the potential to offend, alienate and discriminate against gamer's.

To have a policy that protects our gamer's diversity and thus keeps intact everyone's dignity is the conclusion of adult's aiming to be completely inclusive to all people. And it's for the sake of providing an environment for gamer's to thrive in. As opposed to a high school lunch table where there are no consequences for saying something that alienates, or hurts another person.

We never want a guildy to log on and have to experience someone who thinks that they can just joke about their culture or makes their status a punch line, or deal with that guy who is totally convinced he isn't racist because he has black friends or isn't homophobic because someone in his family is gay. Not only this, but many adults have children at home and they don't want their children hearing or seeing that stuff.

We have just as much fun in each others company if not more without profanity and watercooler jokes and gossip. Lastly, the next time you think that a policy like ours is childish, why don't you read up on the several thousand children and young adults who each year take their own lives because of bullying, joking and casual harassment overtime that no one stopped.

I pug many raids with many guilds and I hear racist, bigoted, sexist garbage all the time. If you want a real thriving membership these types of things aren't going win people to staying in your guild. That's why TAW is one of the largest gaming communities in the online gaming world and why we have an active membership almost of 2k people. When you don't have a defend yourself or hear yourself be a punchline you'd be surprise how resourceful, innovating people can be with growing a guild in any game, especially mmo's. Without this: cult of personalities and people who turn off others to the community can't be marginalized. We take pride in taking out the trash.

So if you don't want to sit in a ventrilo/ts/muble channel all night and listen to people who don't care that what they say actually does have an impact on others then do yourself a favor, join The Art of Warfare because you'll see the vast difference in experience.
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