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Gearing up through FPs is waste of time anyway. Grab your recruit set and hit up the SM ops. More level 56 than you can shake a lightsaber at.
I always want to have fun while I play, and doing flashpoints is fun to me so it is not a waste of time.

I dont think that it is intended to hit level 50, cash out recruit MK-2 and then only sign up for OPs without gearing up through heroics first. If that is the case someone has failed miserably with the gearprogression in this game.

Flashpoints is a combination of fun while playing and fun when it rewards someone, might it be myself or a guildee or a complete stranger. The enjoyement is still there when someone gets happy

Now players are focusing on their darn tokens and have no interest in playing the flashpoint the way it is intended to be. With a natural disappointment to those who signed up to have fun and to have a chance to get gear from all bosses.

I donīt have to remind you how long a DPS usually waits until the flashpoint actually starts using groupfinder, and to be dissapointed after that long time over and over again is what I call gamebreaking.

Bioware needs to look into this if it actually is working as intended or if it is a designflaw, because nowdays the heroics is not working. Not the way they were designed to be played atleast.

Do you agree or is it fair that some players that needs gear has to step aside and hope that the next flashpoint wont be the same with egos steamrolling through?