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I think you're referring more to the Sith than anything else. The Sith Order at the time, is flawed which is why the Order of Two comes into play later on. I'd say the Sith is the real reason as to why the Empire fails. Corruption is in every government, with rivals plotting against each other at all times. The Empire having rivals isn't it's downfall at all.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that the Empire is weak, as with the Republic quests, you're assisting others that couldn't take out the Imperials themselves. The Empire is in no means, weak. All in all, the only reason the Empire fails is due to the Sith's destructiveness.

Palpatine never failed in controlling the galaxy, he succeeded in his mandate but ended up losing it.

There are many documentaries that touch on Empires and other factions that ended up falling, just because we know the outcome, do we toss all information aside? It's a game, you play it to have fun.