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I see it's pointless trying to convince you, as you absolutely refuse looking at other classes ups and downs, but cling to whine about the same things over and over.

It's no possible way for me to clarify this more than I have already done, and continuing this discussion is pointless at best.
Dude I have four 50s, 3 of which are in full WH, and a 49, and the rest of the classes being lowbies. I've played enough of this game to know the ups and downs of all the classes. I've done RWZs at the highest level this game has to offer because my old guild was the best pvp Rep guild on the server. Have you?

Side note: I said, they are the most balanced class SAVE <etc> that means "BESIDES" those abilities. Other synonyms are: Except, not taking in consideration, if you look away from"
A wise man once said that nothing that comes before a "but", "except", "save", or whatever similar word you choose to use, counts.