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They better bring Revan back because Revan's final line angered me. First off Hk was stronger than Revan dissapointing.
Second he utters the same line Malaks does about the darkness taking ahold of him and him being nothing.
***? That happened to Malak because Malak was evil if (Keep in mind they originally intended this to be the final end of Revan) leaving Revan like that is a insult to the character.

What happened to there is no Death there is the Force? You had Revan die like he was going to dissapear into nothing yet during the entire battle he screams I AM JEDI.

Also Bioware Revert Revan's appearance BACK to how it was in BETA.
In Beta you had his hood up while wearing the mask and that looked awesome. His hood down with the mask just looks stupid. Why would you change it to make it look worse. Plus without the mask and his hood down he also looks stupid.
You seriously destroyed your most Iconic character in every possible way.
I agree, in every concieveable way. His last line... Worst... Ever... And all in all, his end was completely unacceptable. A guy that was mighty enough to be going toe to toe with The Emperor himself, is an easy pie lvl 35 boss... Rly? A guy who can match somone whom has absorbed the power of millions? Many or even most of them Sith? I'm sorry, did I miss something? Lore/story-breaking, mostly because of his relationship with The Emperor, not because of his previous history(although I myself find that equally important, it isn't as important in the game itself).
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