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here is what i would do with a brand new toon without alts

i would take slicing and two gathering skills if you plan to be out questing to level

as a lowbie and newbie you dont have the scores of available companions stretched across a server to power level and/or get the mats for the "money making" items

this same limitation is immediately felt if you only have 1 character just starting
good luck farming the blue and purple materials needed to make a decent item to use- let alone sell with only one companion to run the mission

with slicing you can level it without losing money- the lockbox mission will net a small profit nearly every time- your crits will result in schematics or mission discoveries to be sold on the gtn AND as you are out in the world you will rake up a very nice and steady cushion of credits from slicing lockboxes- as you get to 400 in slicing you can start running the tech parts slicing missions for the purple neural augments which sell from 5k - 12k each (the stacks of 99 blue data modules you will undoubtedly acquire will net roughly 10k a stack)

with the other gathering skills you can get all the materials as you quest and level your toon to either sell them right away- or hold onto them for your future crafters (i sold everything on my first toon fwiw)
questing and leveling will net the most credits along with slicing every lockbox you encounter in the world
with a little spending discipline (you can pve solo level to 50 with pretty crappy gear and dont have to splurge on items from the gtn) your little credit stash will begin growing nicely

as far as "playing" the gtn i would suggest the "passive" plan
play the gtn as you get familiar with the items you are listing yourself and selling
you will notice items which are listed way below what it can sell for so snatch them up as you familiarize yourself with the market as it reacts to you directly

one thing i did which really helped my state of mind was to vend almost all of the greens and blues i found
they rarely sell and need to be listed at such low margins that it is not worth the effort involved (especially with the poor gtn interface)

tl;dr - if you have experience with mmos then you know the drill for a fresh toon- dont spend except on ability training and speeder 2; gather and slice everything then sell on gtn; get your toon to 50 asap- save your few million credits (conservative estimate) and then reassess your situation as you plan out the futures of your alts and whatnots