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11.24.2012 , 07:28 PM | #120
A lot of the more experienced pvpers either can't be bothered leading, don't have the capability (perhaps not leaders, just a person who is capable of doing well on their own, perhaps doesnt know the broader group tactics but knows their own role inside and out), or more often than not are queued with a group and are talking on vent. While this means that their smaller group is well organised and can react quickly, it does mean that occasionally they will either forget to call things out in ops chat, or will just forgo it entirely. I have found this with a lot of premades from some guilds, who I'm sure a lot of people would rate very highly on some of these lists, but who let the team down because they don't contribute to the group effort as a whole. This even extends so far as to some of these players not even bothering to call incomings in ops chat and losing games because of it, which is something that is a complete pain in the *** and a nub mistake, but it happens anyway.

On the other hand, I've tried to help with strats etc in pvp wherever I can and the biggest pain is that people barely ever listen, go off and do their own thing and then blame you when something goes wrong. Gets you to the 'cbf'd' stage really quickly.