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I don't drink.

And lol at your "OMG LUCAS KILLED STAR WARS!!!!" type of post. The man made that franchise, he could do whatever he wanted to, he still has influence, bet that scares your twisted mind; boohoo he didn't make it the way you wanted it.

But to answer the second question: Yes I expect Ep 7 to be a flop and 8 & 9 to possibily make up for it. There was no need for more movies, or at least ones involving the Skywaker legacy, the circle was complete and this is just about money more than ever. It's almost going to be funny seeing a new wave of rage.
lol not at all. Yes he made the original triology but he is the one who also made the Holiday Special and the god awful 80s Ewok cartoon. Look at Return of the Jedi the entire plot of it is "look the imperials built ANOTHER death star but this one is BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL"

Lucas was never a god. he is just a guy who made some good movies. I'm fine with him having influence, he does have some good ideas. But the best things about the original trilogy wasn't his.

I'm looking forward to what a writer who actually understands what plot, story development, and good character arcs are.

Lucas does not know what that is.