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In fairness, the topic has come up in other threads, and KN has been made aware that you can tank on the lower level and mitigate most of TFB's attacks during the 2nd and 3rd phases.

The thread was not updated to reflect that, however.
I didn't update the thread, but the conclusion is essentially the same. The WH defense relic is slightly better than it initially seemed, but it's still vastly inferior to the proc heal. (even with the endurance loss on the DG relic)

Quote: Originally Posted by Omophorus View Post
What I'm more curious to see is why, based on his statistical model, the proc-absorb relic went from "must have" to "also ran" with WH Defense and proc heal. I'm curious if there's an oversight in terms of residual benefit when the primary reason to use either relic becomes moot (e.g. tanking Zorn, Stormcaller, Jarg, etc.) or severely degraded (e.g. Kephess the Undying).
I've been curious about that myself. There was no single point of update in the model at which the proc absorb became less appealing, and yet at this point, the WH defense relic is actually better (by 0.19%). I'm guessing this is simply due to diminishing returns on absorb. The proc absorb relic looks amazing in Rakata and early BH/Campaign tiers, but I'm now deep into the Dread Guard tier, and absorb is worth a lot less (point for point) than it used to be. Defense scales much more slowly, and so it becomes a much more appealing stat at higher gear levels.
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